Why Our Rural Communities Need To Be Vocationally Trained?

When we asked our LinkedIn community of Tisser India, what is most integral for the growth of women in rural communities amongst the options of community growth, enabling migration to cities, providing academic education and vocational training, a majority of people voted for vocational training. While the other three options are just as considerate and […]


Tisser’s products are made out of pure love and care by different women in different clusters across Maharashtra. These women were homemakers thinking of ways to contribute to the household expenses. We at Tisser took that initiative along with the support of UNDP & LTI and brought these women under our wings. We trained them for […]


TISSER, founded in 2015, has since been in the forefront in uplifting the livelihoods of rural women across Maharashtra. Through them there is an increase in girl-child education as there are two sources of income in a single household, now. India has a diverse and distinct culture and has been blessed with abundant art forms. […]