Tisser India is tightly weaved with a bunch of creative individuals from diverse backgrounds, who bring their experiences and quirks to play. These individuals are clustered in teams, as per function.

  • An Advisory team which looks over the macro of our activities and mentors for
    the whole team to stay close to the vision and mission in all our pursuits.
    A design team which does the integral part of understanding the cultural
    background of an art form, translate into product designs in accordance with
    the market and communicate it to our artisans. With a mix of established
    architects and design graduates, they are credit to the craft and aesthetic of
    our products.
  • A Marketing team which finds and audience for our products. With a mix of
    online and offline strategies, word-of-mouth and curated campaigns, the
    marketing team swooshes its wand to scale the love and labour of our artisans.
  • A finance team, which is lead by the company secretary, looks over the
    meticulous task of managing funds in the long and short of it, from the pay of
    artisans to the funding from partners, investors, brands etc. Despite being in
    the challenging business of sustaining livelihoods for a young company, the
    details of sheets and the statements always tally to its T.
  • A Cluster coordinators team who provides as a link between Tisser’s vision and
    the regional coordinators of rural clusters. They chalk out activities, plan
    training sessions, assign responsibilities on the work site and ensure a smooth
    run with partners and artisans. They are the real providers when it comes to
    ensuring comfort to artisans to be able to participate and benefit.
  • A Regional Coordinators team, our first touch base with the artisans fill the
    gap between the needs of artisans and the vision of Tisser India. They are the
    best friends of our artisans, for they get the chance to interact most with them
    for fun or an addressal. While sharing laughs with the artisan team, they also
    document their stories of impact with pictures, videos, or by lending a
    compassionate ear.