What We do?

Handicrafts, a traditional way of making ornaments , home decor , gifts , toys etc. As a part of the new generation we know or should i say care less about the traditional ways because we all think they are outdated. When we do hear about the traditional handicrafts we always hear the achievements of men in this field. We do not realize that the major contribution in this beautiful form of art is by the women. Here at Tisser India we promote and relive the past traditions and revive the tradition of gifting. We at Tisser India promote women empowerment. Handicrafts and women can go hand in hand. Now the question popping up might be HOW? We have seen our grandmothers , mothers and sisters always talking about decorating the house in a specific way or to gift something that follow traditions . Our grandmothers always tried making us live the traditional way. When we decorate our homes , or gift someone something traditional it always gives us the essence of being Indian . We in India live a life that’s surrounded with various colors. Colors that have originated from our old traditions, where we gifted things that were hand made. Maybe the things that are not hand made may not satisfy others but its just like how we go at our friends house and their mother cooks something for us. She feels satisfied, we feel satisfied , maybe not her child but still she cooks with love because she knows that one day when the child leaves home , he will realize its worth. The same way when we gift something that’s handmade and follows the same old tradition we are satisfied to gift it because it makes us feel like there’s love and affection put in by a human and not by a machine , the effort put into making our homes look more colorful and magnificent.Handcrafted and hand painted gifts are something that would make us remember our beautiful memories and remind us of the people who had gifted such an piece of tradition and art to us. Help us bring this tradition back on track so that we can provide you with gifts that would be remembered by your loved ones forever.

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