Women Empowerment

“Women empowerment” a lot us here have heard this term before. A term often used by the government officials and feminists. Even in this modern age people try avoiding hiring women for bigger positions at jobs. The question asked normally is why? The answer given is common.”Since women have to take care of home and children/Husband/House/Parents hence she would not be able to dedicate much time at work and would be distracted all the time. Let me ask you this have we ever given women opportunities to get out of this circle of home? There are women who excel in different fields better than men do. It is hard for women especially of the developing countries to get an opportunity to work. In this day and age a woman entrepreneur Dr. Megha Phansalkar runs a business based on block chain system of handlooms and handicrafts. In this age where women are struggling for their rights Dr. Megha has established a firm hand on the old traditions of hand made and hand painted gifts in india . This is a field that was almost on the verge on losing it’s stability due to modernisation but she being a woman was able to help sustain the tradition . The struggle is not easy for women in this world and age but there are a lot of women struggling and bringing light to their name like Dr. Megha. There will be a day where women will also be seen as equals to men.

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