Creating Livelihoods for Women: The Creative Segments and its Empowering Effects in India

As India’s economy expands quickly, the role of women in pre-existing sectors has become more prevalent. However, women’s role in the creative segment has been particularly notable in the way that they have broken barriers and redefined their role in the film, arts, fashion, and music industries, amongst others.

Breaking the Stereotype

The creative industry, which was previously dominated by men, has seen women stepping into the roles of directors, painters, authors, producers and so many more, not only adding the female perspective to the arts but expanding the possibilities of these roles.

The involvement of women not only changes the artistic landscape today but opens doors for women in the future, creating an exponential effect on the involvement of women in the creative segment.

Art and Literature
Women artists and authors have significantly contributed to the arts and literature fields with their unique viewpoints and experiences. Authors like Arundhati Roy have garnered international attention for their work, not only as women but also for bringing in the unique perspective of Indian women.

These women artists are using the fame they have gained to bring attention to important social issues – often concerning women. Filmmaking Women filmmakers have played a key role in shining a light on new stories.

These directors, producers and screenwriters are telling stories that resonate not only with an Indian audience but with an audience around the world.

They are shedding light on a range of subjects, from women’s issues to societal challenges, and their cinematic endeavors are encouraging other women to pursue careers in film production, direction, and screenwriting.

Challenges and Triumphs
Despite the evident skill and success that these women have exhibited and received, they still face challenges such as unequal pay, gender bias, and limited opportunities because of their gender.

Despite these genders, women continue to work hard and thrive in the creative industries. Moreover, women have started to form networks and communities to help other
women against these challenges and in their respective industries.

Going Forward: Empowerment and Inclusivity
To ensure the continued growth and empowerment of women in India’s creative segment, several measures are crucial. First and foremost, there needs to be increased representation of women in leadership positions across creative industries.

Additionally, fostering mentorship programs, providing access to skill-building workshops, and addressing gender-based pay disparities are essential steps toward creating a more inclusive and supportive environment