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    Pattachitra Wall Hanging Birds

    Handmade papier mache wall hanging birds painted with acrylic colors. Raw Material used *Newspaper or any other waste paper- the

    Handwoven Golden Grass Design Trays

    Our sustainable eco-friendly natural golden grass crafts are meticulously handwoven design trays this tray made is Puri district of Odisha

    Handcrafted Sabai Grass Round Box

    Made up of sabai grass and date palm, this small container/ storage basket will be a perfect for your table

    Handcrafted Golden Grass Round Box

    A beautiful product which is hand crafted by with fine dry golden grass which is Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Organic Products

    Sabai Grass Round Table Mat

    Made of 100% plant material, these items will give an eco-friendly touch to your house. Easy to clean and maintain.