I read a quote once, ‘To be the best you must be able to handle the worst’. It made my heart go ‘Wow’ – Megha

I remember a cheeky exchange…The devil whispers, ‘You can’t weather the storm’. The warrior replies, ‘I am the storm’ – Nutan

1. Unfair – Things aren’t always fair in the world. Things aren’t always going to go your way. It’s ok. Warriors believe in living life to the fullest with zero excuses.
2. Gratitude – Despite all they can complain about, all they can get bitter over, despite unfair things that have happened to them, they count their blessings every day.
3. Worry – Warriors do not ‘worry’ about winning or losing. They stay focused on what they can do and do it to 100%.
4. Challenges – They use challenges in their life as their biggest source of motivation. Warriors recognize that adversity reveals character.
5. Success – They do not measure success by the final scores. They measure success by the impact their life has on others.
6. Naysayers – They ignore the naysayers. Warriors, again and again, remind themselves of all the reasons their dreams can come true. They don’t let negativity rob their joy and love for their dream.
7. Mistakes – When they make mistakes, the Warriors own it instantly. They seek forgiveness. They focus on becoming better. They do not let ego become a barrier in life.
8. Dreaming – They are not afraid of dreaming big, even though they must face fear, ridicule and failures. Warriors have a fire within to achieve what others dare not even dream.
9. Unstoppable – The only true failure is giving up. Nothing can make a warrior quit. They are unstoppable.
10. Team – They respect their team members and carry gratitude for each one of them in their heart. They believe each team member is an important team member. They stand by their commitments to their team members.

May the warrior inside our team members thrive strong and steady
May our presence make this world a better place to live in.