Registering as Volunteer for Tisser

To become volunteer, you need to register with Tisser which is a quite simple. You need to visit our website  and go to “Register as Volunteer” in Links. Fill in the google form as required and submit it.      


Simply send Volunteer request mail to . Our volunteer management team will reach out to you. You can also visit our offices and meet ___ for volunteering in different fields.

Volunteer’s Dedication

  • Respect the Mission, Vision, Values and goals of Tisser. Fulfill the responsibilities to the best of your ability and complete all tasks successfully.
  • Volunteers are expected to respect staff and artisans of Tisser and interact with them without any discrimination.
  • Maintain co-ordination with staff and communicate with other volunteers to act as a single team.

Time Management

Volunteers are expected to be punctual and adhere to time schedule for the assigned activities. The task must be completed within stipulated timeframe with accuracy and diligence.

Dress code and Behavior

  • All the volunteers need to dress appropriately to represent organization in a desired manner.
  • Volunteers are refused to wear any casual or fancy attire on field while volunteering on field.

Performing Volunteering activities

  • Task supervisor will be responsible to assign or distribute various tasks of volunteering.
  • Volunteers can approach respective task supervisor in case of any doubts or crisis.

Documentation & Reporting

  • Documentation are essential to maintain transparency and compliance with government rules
  • It include various details of events including date, venue and actions taken and report it.
  • Share your experience and learning to build an additional knowledge for Tisser.
  • Share impact created in cluster for other volunteers as benchmark for successful completion of all the tasks.