• Volunteers are mandated to maintain the confidentiality of information shared with them in clusters and ensure that the collected data is not shared with any unauthorized persons outside Tisser.
  • Information about designs and products are intellectual properties of Tisser.
  • If you are indulged in surveys and data collection, please ensure that the information obtained is safely stored and not made available to the public.

Taking break during volunteering activities

  • In case of any health crisis or personal emergency please contact cluster/event head to handover incomplete task to other volunteers to meet the deadlines or reach desired target.
  • It is a moral responsibility of volunteer to inform task Supervisors about any fault committed in tasks unintentionally that is either left incomplete or unattended by volunteers.

Expenses reimbursement

  • Tisser never undertakes any activity to make profit but to help artisans display their creativity.
  • Tisser does not provide any stipend or remuneration to its volunteers for the volunteering.
  • Tisser does not follow practice of reimbursement for travelling expenses of volunteers.
  • At few Tisser locations, canteen facilities are available on pay.           
  • Volunteers are requested to contact staff to know charges before availing these facilities.

Leaving Volunteering program / remaining inactive

  • Volunteers are provided different options of volunteering as per their availability of time.
  • However due to some reasons if volunteer is not able continue he/she should inform about reason for discontinuation via e-mail to or call to Task supervisor.
  • Alternative options can be explored to continue volunteering through virtual mode.
  • Another schedule can be decided when volunteers return back to cluster/venue.

Use of Social Media

This protocol applies to all online activities such as handling its email id or social media handles

  • Do not misuse it for social networking other than volunteering activities of Tisser.
  • Do not discuss your job responsibilities and comply with the cyber laws of India.
  • Do not post anything on behalf of Tisser without prior consent from Tisser.
  • Do not express your own views on behalf of Tisser on social media platforms.
  • Do not focus on negative commentary about Tisser and maintain transparency with others.


Interacting with Artisans

When you are interacting with artisans of Tisser, always remember you are Tisser’s representative


  • Respect the feeling and opinions of the artisans
  • Be polite and be careful about the language and word you choose.
  • Think, introspect and then react. Please do not be in hurry to express yourself.
  • Be sure about the message you what to propagate.


  • Do not impose your opinion.
  • Do not show aggressiveness and abuse the beneficiary verbally, emotionally or physically.
  • Do not give any assurances or financial commitments unless you are authorized to do so.

Do not indulge in any physical violence, report immediately to task Supervisor.