Weaving Heritage and Culture: Commemorating National Handloom Day 2023 with NABARD in Bhubaneshwar

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Step into the enchanting world of ‘PRATHA,’ where threads of time intertwine with the artistic legacy of Odisha. At Tisser Artisan Trust, we stand humbled and proud as we unveil our latest collection – a testament to the exquisite traditions that have shaped generations.

‘PRATHA’ – a name that resonates with the echoes of ancestors, each stitch a whispered story of bygone eras. Our collection pays homage to the cherished heritage of Odisha, where every thread carries the weight of history and the beauty of timeless artistry.

With reverence and creativity, we’ve woven together a tapestry that bridges the past and the present. As we celebrate National Handloom Day alongside NABARD, we honor the dedicated hands that have meticulously crafted every piece, infusing it with the soul of Odisha.

Join us in threading the past into the vibrant fabric of today, as we celebrate the essence of ‘PRATHA.’ This collection is more than just fabric; it’s a journey through generations, a symphony of colors and patterns that reflect the heart and soul of a culture.

Let us continue to nurture and preserve the rich heritage of handlooms, for they are the very threads that connect us to our roots and bind us to a shared legacy