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In Praise Of Hands Who Art

In praise of hands who art
There is something common between the first painting as kids and the masterpieces that are made by the artists, themselves. They were made with a lot of heart, they are imperfect and they were intentional.

While Tisser India celebrates the art made by rural artisans it has also discovered in the process, the joy of artisans while practicing art, which is imperfect, intentional, and with a lot of heart. 

Be it the careful strokes while painting the figures of the Warli community hunting, farming, and celebrating the community in Warli art, the hand-tied Ikat print, and the coloring of the intricate outlines in a Madhubani painting, to name a few. 

As much as we take it upon ourselves to make items finer to their detail and perfection, we have been told by our customers that it is that little speck or evidence of human touches like the tiny paint blotch, a loose thread there and a tight stitch which makes them connect with the Tisser products, heart to hands. 

There is something about the art which is made by the hands, the ones in which the final product has a few artistic inconsistencies.

In a world that is taking long strides in the direction of a fast economy, finished goods, and prime delivery we are losing touch with the art from our daily lives, the clothes we wear, the products we use, the stationary, the furniture we buy and the objects by our bed which we adore.

Let’s pause and change that a little bit. Be a little intentional in the things you place in your house, in your room, by the side of your bed, and in the insides of your bag. 

Try and change it by supporting the goods produced locally in your area, not just to support the economy and support the artist but also in the celebration of the artistic spirit and art in our lives.

In praise of the art and the hands which make them, let’s celebrate the many masterpieces which are made by the rural artisans in the expression of their story and in the vein of the culture and community we are from, and have come far from.

Support hands who art.

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