Your Gifting Should Be Sustainable Too

Your gifting should be sustainable too!
Gifts are a token of love known to all. We have associated it as the most common form of giving and gratitude. For something as much as a norm of gifting, we could not help but take a deep introspective look at our gifting behavior.

Going back to the origin of gifting, it’s one of the oldest human activities which pre-dates civilizations before us.
It is interpreted as a status symbol when leaders of tribes or clans would show their gratitude for the contributions of those who were part of an achievement. 

It builds social connections, it’s contagious in nature and the act of giving makes us feel good about ourselves. For times, they are changing, don’t you think the age-old tradition needs a revision in the times of today?

In the wake of crippling climate changes, the consequences of which affect our daily lives, simply
gifting won’t be enough, in fact, it needs to be sustainable.

The gifts that we usually receive include a lot of plastic and chemical dye, which please our aesthetic sense for a few minutes. However, they are later kept in a corner, or worse, rot in the landfills for years and years. 

Consider the additional price of materials, resources, and energy wasted in production and transportation, all for the chosen gifted items with packaging, wrapping paper, and decorations to just end up in garbage mountains! 

Our environment is paying a heavy price for our lack of intention and something needs to change. So, this festive season, for the sake of a sustainable tomorrow and our future generations, let’s make a pledge to gift responsibly.

There are an overwhelming number of options, and you can just cherry-pick them. Be it mini planters, bamboo items, items made up of clay and mud, ceramic items, books, wooden items, clothing from sustainable fabric, or items made up of jute. 

If only the corporations who gift in bulk, take the sustainable route, how much can it help the
environment, by large? The effort has to be made in the thought process of mindfully choosing the gift, not the gift itself.

Tisser India has a huge range of products across categories which can make for the perfect
gift, from décor, clothing, stationary, and dining to toys. 

As a community that works in bringing about change in empowering rural livelihoods and communities, we champion the cause of sustainability, environmentally and economically.

Whether you choose Tisser products or not, we hope you gift responsibly this festive season. May your decision be in the favor of the green earth, above all. Happy festive season!

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